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Alassala ORGANIC Shea Butter Balm

The Shea Butter selected by Alassala® is hand harvested in Africa under fair trade conditions. Through visits and organic inspections we can ensure that farmers and harvesters have a quality of life that meets their basic needs, as well as providing job satisfaction, a safe working environment and an adequate return for their work. By developing long-term trading relationships, our producers are able to plan ahead with confidence and invest in transport, training and processing facilities.

Formulated with 100% Organic Shea butter and 100% Organic Argan Oil, Alassala® Shea Butter Balm intensely nourishes, moisturises and soothes dry and very dry skin and effectively protects it against dryness and climatic damage. It also helps to prevent skin ageing and supports the skin regeneration processes. This 100 % Organic balm absorbs well without stickiness or heaviness, leaving your skin utterly healthy and exceptionally soft and smooth.

Alassala® Shea Butter Balm delicately-fragranced (with Lavender Essential Oil Blend / Sweet Orange Essential Oil Blend) or unscented. FREE FROM:
Synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates. GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA.

Apply daily to a cleansed skin. Massage the Alassala® Shea butter Balm into your Face and Body using circular motions. As you massage, the heat of your body will melt the Cream, increasing its absorption into your skin. Apply sparingly; a little goes a long way. This product is very rich so no need to over apply. It can also be applied at night before going to bed.

Alassala Organic Shea Butter Balm with 100% Organic Argan Oil

Our Shea Butter is pressed to guarantee premium quality, certified organic and imported directly so that we can bring you the very best quality.